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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Facebook fan page imminent

UPDATE: I just found out you can convert an existing facebook page into a fan page, I had no idea you could, I just went ahead and did it, I'll be deleting the new one I created soon, sorry about that, I'm still leaving the message below though on how to get constant updates from my page

Facebook have become greedy whores, so with LIKED pages you wont get all of my updates unless I paid them or some ridiculous bull crap, BUT you can fix this by going to my page, go to the "Message" button in the upper right, click the down arrow next to it and select "add to interest list". You have to make a new list, pick a name for it like THE MOST PRECIOUS UPDATES I NEED IN MY LIFE (okay maybe not so grand, my list is just named "stuff") Your Interests list is available at the bottom of the sidebar on your news feed page and you can click that to check all the updates from your favorite pages that you put on your list.

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  1. I thought the payment was just to get your post to be guaranteed to be promoted on news feeds above others.