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Friday, October 19, 2012

Streaming for Charity

Tomorrow (Sat the 20th) I'll be joining a charity event over at

They're doing a 24 hour livestream which I'll be doing my own segment at around 8-9 EST.

The charity is for Childs Play Charity, what they do is give terminally ill children video games to help cope with the fact that they're stuck in a hospital and don't really have a life outside of that.

The stream will be many different people streaming for a few hours each from what I understand, each doing their own game, I hear there's going to be speed runs of mario and zelda, pokemon and just regular play of other games.

I encourage everyone to tune in if you can, maybe donate a buck or two to the charity, it's for a great cause really.

I'll be uploading a video to promote this tonight so I hope it helps them reach their goal.

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