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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Q&A Batch #126

Sep 19 - 23

me either dude


never played

Lots of good ones, can't say the best

GTA but SR3 was a blast

Not a fan of sports


I've played plenty of pinball, I love pinball

I enjoyed it enough

I don't know which you mean


Geeez seriously? wow

Vice City, San Andreas, 4

Probably will

depends on the price and parts

like 5 a day

Not sure what that is

Probably be pretty fun

they poo

bout 2 years I think

it always rains here

I... what

I have it already but thanks


Never seen it

slap them every day (just let them go if they're a jerk)

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, I simply wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who drinks, that's a completely reasonable thing dude

let's see here "Hey kilplix what video you gonna upload next hey kilplix remember that one video where yous said frick XDD hey kilplix can I friend you on steam hey kilplix you're so awesome I love you so much dude omg I'm so happy I get to play with you omg dude your cool kilplix hey kilplix you should play this game kilplix you should stream this game kilplix hey dude i love you dude

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