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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q&A Batch #125

19 sep

If I was rich and had a big house and lot I'd get lots of different kinds of pets I think, I mostly want a bird and dog though

never heard of it

It's mostly my own fault


It's the only language I know, I'd like to know Japanese though

thanks mom!

I'm scared

I rented the warriors forever ago and wasn't really a fan, I have Bully on steam but haven't played it yet

hah, used to be out all night as a kid

you just broke my brain

I don't own them

Subway, chicken breast or teriyaki, burger king the good ol whopper or the chicken club


I really didn't like that game honestly



360 controller

you should view my game list on my blog

Yes I have actually

I think people have just sent them to me, no idea, maybe preorder bonuses for other games

Batman but I love spiderman too

I don't think so

haven't played much of them so I dunno

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