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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Q&A Batch #124

sep 15 - 19

I've only seen the original movie and that was freakin ages ago, barely remember it

never even heard a song

Played Warcraft 2, that's about it

Just spread the word around for my vids, check my blog often, watch my vids often, that kinda stuff

They're both creepy

I've never disabled comments, so I don't care, I hope that with this l4d video the haters will finally unsub and go away

uhh.. no

Younger, all siblings fight here and there

wasn't bad

I am, I can't choose a fav, the original trilogy is just amazing

will turn 28 on October 13th


I have a headache, Sobi's being grumpy

I've heard of it

I've never even heard of said band

I do, bought some the other day

haven't seen Brave yet, saw Avengers a few times, loved it

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