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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gonna try and keep regular polls going!

I think having a poll up is always cool so I'm gonna try and have one up, at least one new one per month.

The one this month: you gonna get borderlands 2?  I'll get it eventually, if I had a group of friends to play it with I'd probably have gotten it right away but no friends.


  1. I got the first one and was playing with two friends of mine and it was fun and great. However we only got like half way and my friends had business to take care of so we never got to play again. I tried to play it by myself but I couldn't it's not the same, it's not as fun. So yes I do plan on getting it but I'm gonna make sure I have friends to play it with this time. I hope you find a group of friends to play with you Austin. You have a ton of fans who will be more than happy to play with you man. Always remember that we care about you Austin and will always support you.

  2. kirk ill finsh borderlands 1 with u, since my group of friends stopped playing borderlands 1 about the half way point or so. As for austin needing people to play borderlands 2 with id say get tate to play and then some of the people u play day z with. Problem solved.

    1. That's cool but i have it on my 360 but if you do I'll be more than happy to play with you gotta find my mic again though lol. Also i think that is a good idea to play with Tate and hell maybe even Nate. It's up to Austin though.

  3. My friend will buy it and hopefully we'll play it together on her xbox! Still haven't finished Borderlands 1 though. We always get lost in sidemissions because its so much fun.
    Austin, why don't you ask Nate if he buys it so the two of you can play together? He seemed pretty reliable. I can imagine Tate and his friends becomming a bit.. difficult to deal with.

  4. I bought it :D I finished borderlands 1 and i have been waiting for Borderlands 2 to come out for a while. Borderlands 1 was one of my most favourite games of all time so i cant wait for borderlands 2, i hope im not dissapointed by it, but from what ive seen it looks good :) p.s. If you need, Austin I would be willing to play it with you