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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Q&A Batch #95

15 July-17 July

o yeaaa

Sammo probably


I think you can tell when I genuinely freak out in the vids or not



Someone already did that

you mean the book


I prefer normal, not too skinny and not too fat, I like meat on dem bones but I don't like overweight

Yes and I absolutely love it, I'm so so upset that the creator abandoned it

battle toads

love em

Probably pie

no scope, inaccurate

oh let's see here.. every time I upload a video I announce it on the steam fan group, my twitter, my blog, my facebook page and it will show up in your subscriber box on youtube, take your pic

I haven't played it for a long while, don't remember



no, I'm incapable of saying that

No videos at the moment, maybe in the future though



Not really thinking about 3 already, 2 just recently came out after all


probably the pool, less dirty, less sharks

haven't, doubt I will

do you have BOOBS?

Not sure yet


FUS RO DAHHHH cause I can't think of others

I don't

I just made a server

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