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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Q&A Batch #98

21 July-25 July

a lot of fiddling

40 down and 5 up, 60 a month

Never heard of this



bahh =p I took these when doing comparison pics, I take pics every now and then to see any sort of progression over the years, so here's this one from a few months ago

Yeah for movies and driving at night

they're cancer

because I turn my PC off at night and edit videos and crap, I'm a nazi about having as much memory as possible when doing crap on my PC

What kind of problem? I have always bitten my nails and to be honest it has screwed one of my teeth up by doing so, so never bite your nails!

I'm obsessed with body maintenance, I keep extremely well groomed and clean

for good??? that sucks

never heard of it


I've actually never heard of it

been wanting to play fatal frame 2 forever but need a tv to stream it

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