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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Q&A Batch #106 (video)

Aug 2 - 3

i wuz born,, the endd


It seriously seriously does, more than people may think

i'm not, you've been mislead this whole TIME


not really


I figured that out, thanks though


I don't think I've even heard of it


Banana's I suppose

I plan on getting The Line when it drops in price

Most def

has others raged against me? of course that happens occasionally, immature ragers are never going to go away

That's pretty good, I was thinking of the spitter as Birdo too but not the others


I don't remember


I started doing vids to share with friends, pros: entertaining people, meeting new people, being cared about by many. Cons: A lot of hate and a lot of judging based on videos and hearsay.

It's crazy they're still going strong after so many

That used to happen all the dang time

Oh yes, like getting revived be a medic in BF2 and shooting him dead right after, or bailing out of a chopper on accident while you're flying it sending everyone in to their deaths.

I use sennheiser headphones, they're great.

Billy and Jimmy, Megaman, Little Mac, A Belmont, Contra guys

I played a lot of MVC 1 and 2 back in it's heyday, Capcom Vs Nintendo would be awesome

Tate and I were using Skype and Nate was just listening in through the livestream

Gaming, writing/typing, editing, working out, youtube vids, anime, manga, music, and a ton of others I never do anymore because no friends

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