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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Q&A Batch #94

12 July-15 July

I'm not horrible but not great

Like a hundred times per day

I think OoT has the better story and since MM takes most of OoT's soundtrack it's safe to say that OoT has the better soundtrack too, don't get me wrong though, I love MM probably just as much as OoT


Yes, love it

It's a show created in the 80's targeting little girls in order to sell their merchandise

Almost, Chrono Trigger and FF9

I agree whole heartily that it is, I'm completely unhappy with how 3 is turning out

I had more memories and fun with the N64

Not sure

Dragon Ball because I love it

why not just ask me why I don't play 007 still on the N64 still


I don't think it's my kind of game, I've always wanted to try Bully

It's when they get lazy and just croak it like a frog


Probably not, never heard of it


cause they're my children

Maybe, I'll def stream it though

Guess not

I've had the opportunity but have chosen not to until the right person comes along and am pretty happy with that choice

I made the choice when a company came to me and said I can upload whatever I want still and make money, win/win. I haven't ever advertised myself for more views


The only game I've ever had a nightmare about was Doom on the SNES and I think it was because I played it too much and got sick from the motion in the game

That is completely dependent on what it is


Never heard of it

Toughy, not sure, both are nice


loving it

Never even heard of it

who would I play it with

most the highlights are in the freakouts vids

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