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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q&A Batch #116

Aug 19 - 27

Plastic because it's easier to carry like 10 bags on one arm


Nah, not really that fun to me

That would be fun

Never played it


Never seen em

I might play it some again

I started it long ago but I don't think it aged well



I used to read Wolverine all the time

I guess it depends on the pay and the job, I dunno

That would be awesome but I don't know if I have the talent for that


I'll play it eventually

When I get a tv


if getting up early didn't suck so bad I'd like mornings the most, but I like nights most

yes yes yes

I just barely started it so here's my opinion so far, I got it based on the reviews, I mean heck, the PC version is almost at 90% on, that's a must buy in my book. However I'll admit I am SO FAR not very impressed with it, I can't pass huge judgement since I just barely started it though, I hope it gets better.


Tate was saying that, I think he was talking about multiplayer with big maps, you don't really see that with consoles

I can't keep an eye on it constantly, the whole point of the stream is me to play games and I can't if I have to stare at the chat the entire time

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