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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Q&A Batch #97

21 July -

I'm fine with the views but I think it's retarded that I have 65K subs yet my vids get maybe 10K max views, I wish the unwatchers would unsub

heck yeah

probably not but I'd stream it


I dunno if that'd be entertaining really but earthbound is one of my fav games of all time

big boob hugs

I don't


sure, go get them

I actually think I'm going to do a kilplix plays of it

plenty of someones have

I have no idea until I play the game


adobe premiere pro

I do that already but with procaster, xsplit is still low quality, their audio is absolute garbage unless you pay for premium

this is a response wtf

I was trying to get some beta codes for that, i really wanna check it out

I suppose L, it's funny with that series, I really don't like any of the characters that much but I love the show still

most of my folder is from that site, I've listened to every single track on the entire website, I went through a few years ago and listened to every single one, downloading the ones I liked, up to this day I stay up to date with the new releases

Nah, let em stay in the 90's

I played Lugaru and streamed it one night, I'm keeping a close eye on overgowth, looks good

I don't have any footage, it's all gone

no idea yet

nope, I may get the actual game later on when it's discounted though


Oh my yes, many

The world would explode

I dunno what to do!

Yep, the whole thing

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