My dumb tweets

Thursday, September 13, 2012


LOL it got taken down! How stupid because it was a hilarious video, I like how they go out of their way to take something like this down and yet real videos of people getting killed stay up.

The video was from the Mod GREY where the guy is drilling a dead girl, I had yoshi's island music playing to it and it made me lol every time I saw it.

shame, ho well what can you do =P


  1. this you saying "Screw kids!"?

  2. take this, he's a great therapist, really knows his stuff.

  3. Btw, Kilplix, what happened to that game?

    I never saw you playing it again since the first two(I think it was two) streams!

  4. Video got removed... not really surprised since it did have a (virtual) child in it. ._.

  5. Shocking and disgusting content? wat?

  6. Oh, snap!

    Well, Kilplix didn't post really anything in his video explaining the "unusual" content!

    I guess someone flagged it!

    (Of course, it's ironic, considering there are far worse things in YouTube)

  7. Whoever flagged it must have a very weak stomach. And I've also seen much worse on YouTube and those videos are still available.