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Friday, September 7, 2012

Q&A Batch #99

25 July

I was planning on doing a video version for this since it's #100 but I don't think it has many questions in it that I'd really elaborate on =/

The entertainment, the immersion.

in my mouth

For the most part yeah

Every day

I haven't played too much of it but I enjoyed it, the bullet ones are my fav, whatever they're called

Sows, stream when I feel like it

How come you didn't know about something you didn't know about?!?!?!!??@

I'd poke his eye

lol smash bros

I'll prob stream that one


I didn't spend too much time on that area

The original Japanese version with subs is where it's at, I personally like Ocean dub more than funi's poop

Nope, wanna go to japan

Think every game has its own way of doing it

erm,, I dunno what else you mean lol

Yeah I have the GC OST

like years ago yes

About freaking time

tired, 4AM lul



I have no idea, can't remember

I can't even remember

Budoukai 3 at the moment

never heard of it

I love MJ, grew up with him, love most of his stuff

Very fun game

It's an animal crossing track, dunno what it's called

I have no idea, did you?


I'll get back to you when it's more finished

kind of a ripoff but we'll see how it turns out

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