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Monday, September 17, 2012

Q&A Batch #108

Aug 7

Not really considering I get like 10K views max with my vids when I have like 65K subs

My mods ban people who do that =d

Some of it

I just had some for dinner

I don't really know of any other channels that I enjoy though, I just watch random crap

I haven't had tater tots in ages, MAN... I loved them

Good for em

I wasn't aware this was an issue, do my blog videos really not get ads???

I doubt I'll do any long stream, dunno what to play lately

I was the DBZ shirt guy, WHY THANK YOU

Depends, if I enjoy the game I keep playing, if it's not worth my time I stop

It could get really annoying, awkward, etc etc, but like I said, if I got to know them really well first then it could happen

my music folder is 28 gigs, 8400 songs, that isn't something to just throw up on the net for people to DL =P

No because you told me to say yes


The entry was 50, that was all I spent on it, car fees however... 150 LOLLLLLLLLl


SteamTool Library Manager

Max Payne open world


Depends, sometimes, I use it sometimes but in a joking manner

then I say cool


Oh I will (lul streaming banjo kazooie currently)


That is.. just weird

It's not like I prefer Tig ol Bitties, just C or small D or something, and loving someone just for their boobs is pretty retarded

My fav is 5, best DW game ever made

hokey pokey

I can't name anything off the top of my head but it happens with things, I used to watch operation dumbo drop when I was feeling down as a kid, dunno why but that movie was my feel good movie.  There's a lot of music that makes me feel good such as Gradius 3 music.

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  1. Yes, your videos go off the right side of the page. But all folks have to do is fiddle with the side-scroll bar. And yep, no advertisements on embedded videos on your blog. Not sure how to get around that, as I don't do ads.
    Hope that clarifies. :)