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Monday, June 25, 2012

Q&A Batch #55

liquid rubber in a can? huh..

manly tears, manly tears

just headphones with a USB mic, not a headset

I can't afford to repair it, money is extremely tight the last few months so I'm going to have to just wing it, just keep a freaking tarp over it when I have it parked from now on and hope it doesn't pour when I drive it

read it backwards

I'm unsure of the question, sensitivity of what? my mouse? my touch? my emotions?

it's a little thing called money, and don't call my car crappy >=[

Krillin might have passed him on Namek but Tien gets better than him as time goes on



videos? I only upload one per day

Vegetto, cause he's Vegetto

So suggest you to get a Nintendo 64 while you have one you want to get rid of.. wat

I am partnered already, if you haven't noticed the ads, and my vids don't get that many views if you hadn't noticed that as well

I doubt it, not a very entertaining game to watch

just this once

I'm not sure if I've answered this but I'm sure I have, I make money from my youtube videos and I'm also a transcriptionist

Don't think so

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