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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Q&A Batch #56

A jackass

I haven't heard many good things about downpour

Just basic crap like find the pattern, find the openings find the rhythm

It's not the settings of Fraps, it's the power of the computer that makes it run well


I was just lazy

Yeah it kind of sucked but hey, they're all only human (or whatever the freak Tien is), they can't really compete with the strongest race in the universe


I think that's awesome

I'll play these when they're done

The PS2 one? I'd actually like to try that game

anything jackie chan

I stream when I feel like it man, you'll just have to keep an eye on my twitter or facebook or blog or youtube, plenty of things to monitor! Actually I need to start doing announcements on Steam more often since that alerts people right away who are logged on to steam

I don't play it

Not a real fan, never owned one

Lays potato chips with Dill Pickle chip dip =o~ though I love 7 layer dip sooo much... and french onion dip... and chips and salsa...



worst as in.. just plain bad? I'm not sure, most horror movies suck anymore

The world would be in danger

Yep, I re-watched them all a few weeks ago too

never played it, don't know

Heck no, best reason in the world living alone is having your own bathroom

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