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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Q&A Batch #45

it's not that easy honestly



there's plenty that needs work, it's early alpha after all

8.2 tons


I don't have a fav really, love all types of genres

maybe if it gets uber cheap

no =[


You can still have goals and play videogames, don't know what I may do though

never heard of it

I have never played it


I haven't actually =O

I've played a little bit of some of them, pretty boring games imo

on my livestream, there's a library section to view older streams, there's a limit though so the older ones get replaced as time goes on

ehhh ok

I usually glance over those and don't read them, the mentality in youtube comments hurts me too much


I bought arma 2 for day z, I haven't played arma 2 lolol

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