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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Q&A Batch #58

Some of their stuff

Usually twitter facebook and youtube, my twitter and facebook are guarantees, sometimes I dont post to youtube

I only wear them when driving at night or watching a movie or something

Winter Park

dang it, bobby..


OOOHH toughy! I think.. man.. I guess stockings.. but fishnet is so friggin hot =(

I streamed the whole thing

I'm a Nintendo fanboy, grew up with it, yes.

I play games when I'm in the mood to play them

I don't have any grand dreams honestly.. I just want to be able to have a consistent stable happiness, close friends, an active/social life and a gf/future wife, I'd be pretty content with that life
I.. don't know!

ehhh I haven't really messed with them to have a real opinion but I know that they have final cut pro.. and that is pretty much the best video editing software on the market

finally changed it a few weeks ago after like 4 years

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