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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Q&A batch #50

my pinky

Don't even know what that is


over 20 years of gaming will do it

It's pretty retarded

bruenor battlehammer

I guess if you're unable to have a desktop sure


never heard of it

I like my name just fine honestly 


hehe that's awesome, I threw together a crappy MS paint of what I imagined


you.. what

Only when I go into a womens bathroom

I've gotten a few gifted games on steam if that's what you mean, I sure don't frown upon it!

I'll get em eventually

Prob Battlefield games

Of course! love the movies

I like to stand and look out the screen door when it rains, the deck gets a bit wet so I don't go outside

I may get it when it's cheaper

I actually haven't played it since this newest patch, I'm not sure if I want to until it's fixed, more zombies is good but I hear it's totally overboard and they respawn within minutes, that's just too much

Well, I bought it just for Day Z, I think it's worth it

I'm not sure yet, I'd like to but if the game runs sluggish when I stream I may not (wow these are old posts lolol)

I'm speaking more in terms of closer relationships and bonds

I'm completely loyal to my friends, shame it's not the other way around

Lifewaters are actually really good but I prefer the original Sobe

I just like Squirtle =d

probably around 30 hours

I've taken crummy online IQ tests which I don't think are accurate imo but my IQ was average from what I recall, funnily enough my sister has the highest IQ in the schools history (school we went to that is) and I think my bro was second highest next to her.  And then I'm just average, kind of depressing

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