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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Q&A Batch #52

I can't believe that I do like 30 of these almost daily and these are from a month ago, that's how many questions I have still to post!

also GOSH DANG THIS FORMAT, why is it pasting like this?

I'm looking forward to it, mostly because it gives me something to do, I always watch E3 in it's entirety, even the aftershow stuff on gamespot and what not

I miss fishing horribly, used to all the time, I really really really miss it and crave to go fishing

never heard of it

I played a lot of the first game and enjoyed it, never finished it though


doubt it

you added a period at the end of this.. so it's not a question.. I DONT GET IT

I've never danced in my life actually other than slow dancing on like 2 occasions 

I doubt it gets a PC release, I'll get it eventually on 360

Not really which is shameful because my dad can fix like anything 

I doubt it, heck I'd just like to finish SS 3 at this rate

cause life

def def defff pale/milky white, tan is OK but I don't really care for it and sometimes it can just look bad.


when I was born

Don't play it

I can't really speak of any real near death experiences, I already answered this but I don't swear because I view it as weak minded (for myself, not when others do it)

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  1. you should paste them in WordPad then paste them here. it works for me :)