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Monday, June 18, 2012

Q&A Batch #51

oh my GOSH, I have NO idea why it formatted like this... the answers are a little hard to read but you can still see them

plenty of stuff

Some of them yeah

no, doesn't really interest me honestly

Elitists annoy me, also mineraft is on like a butt ton of platforms now, tabs and driods etc

I'm eating buffalo chicken with rice =D


Heck yeah, love him

Japan China annnnd.. hmm.. not sure.. places in Europe? I'd like to see the old Roman stuff


anyone could do that

Yes I can whistle that song, stupid addicting song, the way I learned to whistle was that I heard my uncle whistling really well and I just practiced until I got good at it, practicing whistling is probably one of the easiest things ever to practice at, you just sit there and breathe

My feet are small, size 8

I'd probably watch it if I had cable

Yes, I'm looking forward to it

I guess it's cool but it's going to be limited no matter how you look at it

I don't know.. maybe

I only started getting comments on my looks like when I started this Q&A thing, dunno why lol

I'm not really sure yet to both questions 

I'm not one to suddenly turn to a complete stranger and share my feelings with

lol thanks =P

more on the way


Actually lately I've just been using Procaster since I stream pretty much everything, Procaster lets you set custom res too, the quality is a bit worse though but it saves a ton of HDD space

I've played it like twice

I have no idea... a few years I'd think

30 something or something... I don't know


  1. Just try Tribes Ascend. It's free to play. I think you'll like it.

  2. 2 Things... If you are just recording Play Claw is the best to use.

    And AMD is fine so long as you know how to set it up!! I went from an Intel 2500k at 4.89ghz to an AMD FX8150 at 3.9ghz and the AMD is hell of a lot faster.. Buuuut I guess it what you want to do with it :P