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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spiritual healing... yeah

I decided to go to church today, get a little spiritual healing and what not, I usually feel at peace when I'm at church and I really need that right now.

So it's pouring out, raining raining raining.

So of course on my way to church the windshield wipers stop working.


So obviously I'm having a really hard time seeing, really really hard time, like I can barely see at all.

I pull over and try to figure out what to do, no real option so I just wing it and drive the rest of the way, I make it to church, hope that when I get out that the rain will die down.

at church I check the weather on my phone, raining all day, all night 100 percent chance.

So after church I try tying rope to the wipers and yanking them, that doesn't work well at all.

So I drove home in the pouring rain with my window down, reaching out to push and pull the wiper just barely enough so there's a tiny slit of visibility through the windshield, I thankfully made it home without incident.

So now I have to get that repaired, I wonder how much that will cost me.

I'm seriously not going to be able to afford living here anymore at this rate.

I'm just so sick of how my life has gone, the simplest most common tasks end up being a huge ordeal and challenge to me when to everyone else it's just an every day normal simple thing.

I wish things were different


  1. I hope things get better in your hard times, Austin.

  2. I had two tires blow out on the same day. Had to wait twice in the middle of no where for 3+ hours to get a repair/tow company to save us. Had to replace all tires as well

  3. Sorry for your troubles, Austin. Just remember, things will always get better some way and some how. Just don't lose hope.

  4. Adapt and conquer. You think you're the only guy who's got it hard? I'm not exactly living the most luxurious life over here either. Just be grateful for what you've got, man.

  5. what was the message they gave at church. Seems to be a part of the story you're missing.

  6. I've seen your struggles for some time Kilplix, been enjoying your vids since your L4D playthrough's or whichever you wish to call em'. Donated a penny, hope it helps.

  7. Just keep at it mate.

    Would say to bite the bullet and go back to school it really helped me out. Loans helped and i still have 8k to pay but hey i can afford to eat more then once a day now.

    Check fuses and wire connections if good then motor is shot, should be a cheap replace easy as well

  8. Good for you. I must agree there is nothing better than receiving holistic healing.