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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Q&A Batch #48

I wasn't planning on doing any video Q&A's while I was trying out this beard style but I couldn't NOT do something about this comment, it's priceless.

It's probably a bit dated at this rate

No plans anytime soon

stinky 1 snowflake Barbra Joe finx fart face toad random face Geronimo Harpy fat sally Pizza potatoes

Why the frick would I do that?

never heard of it


Like the first time I played it..

sennheiser HD 555

chillin braaa


I've no idea what my future plans are

I've heard this is just a rumor

True Hee Oh

Prob just nacho cheese doritos


I dunno if I could name the scariest but I can recall the first time I ever screamed from a game, it was Resident Evil 2, walking down a hall and these arms reached through holes in the wall and grabbed me, I screamed, I screamed good, so much that my dad ran in the room thinking something had happened to me


  1. KEEP THE BEARD it looks good on ya

  2. The beard adds like 10 years onto you dude, you look more mature :D

  3. Ahahaha priceless video, Austin xP

  4. I'm tearing up over here from laughing so hard. Oh Austin, you slay me.