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Friday, June 22, 2012

A special shout out

I just want to give a special thanks to an individual named Mathew Keith, without him I can promise you that I wouldn't have been able to move to Florida, and now he has helped majorly with this whole overpriced bull crap of having to register my car, his kind words and generosity has sure helped in the past months, thank you Matt.

I also want to thank the others who've donated since I put up the donation widget, even the ones who donated like 5 or 10 I still think it's simply amazing that you'd take the time and money out of your life to help out a guy like me.

I'm sure you've noticed I stopped with my blog posts of thanking each donation I get, I now thank that person through email because I think it's kind of jerkish to put them in the spotlight like that because it makes it seem like I value them more than people who cannot donate.

So I just want to set this straight, it's not true.  You are all very very important to me and I mean that.

The other day I sat back and thought just how seriously amazing it is that thousands of you continuously watch each and every video I upload, I guess the whole thing just sank in with me, it's hard to believe that THOUSANDS of people really do love my videos and care about me and my life, it hits the heart hard and words wouldn't describe my gratitude to you all.

Love you guys, and thank you.


  1. Love you too, bubbles. Hahaha! But really, I wouldn't have stuck around for years since the Left 4 Dead days if I didn't think you were great and put out fantastic content! If I had a job I would definitely be a donator, but for now I will just stick with supporting your videos and live streams! Keep it up and we will keep on watching no matter what!

  2. I don't always comment on your stuff but I still make time in my day to watch your videos. I'm not friendless but most of my friends who play video games play too seriously for my liking and the one that has as much fun as I like to stopped playing to focus oncollege work. Anyway can't wait for more videos (especially Day z and minecraft) hope to see more soon

  3. We're always here for you, bud.


  4. You're welcome. Thousands of people see you as a friend, not just some person on YouTube.

  5. It has always been a pleasure helping you Austin, and better to see even thousands more following and supporting you. Take care my friend

  6. Your videos entertain and make people laugh everyday. People need a little something to help bring them out of the dumps. From my personal experience, your videos do that for me. When I'm having a really crappy day, at least I know have something to look forward to, watching your videos. ^_^