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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Q&A Batch # 43

fine, cuz i'm fine

just check facebook regularly I guess

psst, there's no such thing as zombies

No but I've seen some crazy crap from it

turtle and a no shell


I'm not a big fan of playing with people who speak a dif language or are from dif countries, pin issues and language issues abound


I am

Pudding (Bill Cosby disagrees)

I like hugs

Yeah I know, we'll see how it turns out

Of course, games are great in all gens

for the love of peepee no, for the thirtieth time I was born with this hair line, it is a naturally high hairline, also my hair has always been thin as well, I've said many times I hate my hair and I always have but I'm not going bald, not yet at least.


  1. Let me clarify on the toilet paper question.

    Place a roll of TP on the holder sideways. Do you prefer it to dispense above the roll or below the roll?

  2. Dat GIF gets me every time, man.

  3. I have the same birthday austin, funny :P