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Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 Day one thoughts

Day one is about wrapping up, I'm still watching GT's after show stuff but I thought i'd share my thoughts on some highlights today

Microsofts conference was snore as usual, having usher show up didn't help things.

Tomb Raider: looking great, I am so looking forward to it, it's gorgeous and brutal, and she is freaking HOT, tank top shudderrrr

black ops 2: yay.. another yearly milking CoD game.

Dead Space 3: completely disappointed in the direction it's taken, it was once a very original series with unique gameplay of its own, a very isolated and scary game focusing on horror and dread, now it's a dime a dozen 3rd person action/cover based game, RE5/Gears of war clone, with co op and even GUN FIGHTS with other humans, piss off.

The new Medal of Honor:  I swear this is an exact repeat of when BC2 came out followed by Medal of Honor, the game looked like a reskin of Bad Company 2 and now this one looks like a reskin of BF3, not only that but the demo featured revolutionary things such as SLOW MO DOOR BREACHING and using an unmanned bot rolling around shooting dozens of soldiers, it should just be called Medal of Honor: copycat.

EA's conference was forgettable overall

Funnily enough Ubisoft is what won the show of the day for sure, they had a bunch of retarded crap like they always do but with games like assassins creed 3, farcry 3 and one that totally caught mine (and everyone else's) interest, after the demo of this game the crowd burst into applause, it's called Watch Dogs, it looks like a mix of GTA4, Assassins creed and Deus Ex, looks AMAZING.

The new smash bros game for PS3 looks like.. smash bros.. seriously at first glance it looks like a complete clone.

Funnily Sony's conference seemed mostly like a Ubisoft encore, they showed a bunch of the same stuff from ubisoft.

The last of us is drop dead GORGEOUS, game looked like a PC game, absolutely beautiful and the gameplay looks very intense


  1. I didn't get to see dead space 3 but are you serious, its a shooter game now, not a horror shooter? Can they even do that? would call it dead space 3 Austin?

  2. I mostly agree, but I was still interested in alot of the tech ms and sony showed off. Smart glass looks kinda cool for tablet users, and wonderbook looked pretty cute. I just wish we could see more new franchises instead of the usual Madden, Call of Duty, and Halo we see every year.