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Monday, June 25, 2012


A few days ago, maybe a week I spent a good hour or more using industrial tape to tape up the roof of my car in hopes of sealing off the sunroof leak, I put on 2 layers, I'd have done more but ran out of tape.

rained a few times, seemed to be working.

Ok so today I call up the auto place and ask about the windshield wipers, he said 3-4 hours maybe to fix it, I'm like wow... wow... so I guess I need to go to the store to buy an umbrella because I'll just have to walk the hour or so walk home while it's getting fixed, then walk the hour or so walk back when he calls to tell me it's fixed.  so on my way there what happens? why the sunroof starts dripping water of course!

after fighting off another breakdown I made the decision that when the weather is decent enough I'm going to just silicon caulk the crap out of that thing, multi layers if I have to, tape over the caulking if I have to, whatever.

So a new dilemma, do I take the car to get the wipers fixed, have the car sit there in the rain and leak more? or try and fix the sunroof, but wait.. it's going to rain, of course I can't seal up the sunroof in this weather.  So I decide just get the wipers fixed.

I get there, the guy makes some calls, they don't have motors for my car in stock because it's old, they have to order them.

so he'll call me when they get the motors in, his estimation price..

now get ready for this

300 dollars

300 dollars to replace windshield wiper motors

Three. Hundred. Dollars.

I know this mechanic is a 100 percent honest man, tells it like it is, his shop has a perfect score on reviews online, every score is 10/10, he's a nice guy, he is really honest, so I believe that if I were to go anywhere else I'd be paying even more.

So I give him my number so he can call me when they get the motors, I don't even know when it'll be.. a few days, weeks?

So I drive home- WOOPS, oh wait, I left my spare key with that guy, drive back, get key, THEN drive home.

get home (lol "home") and spend the next half hour tying a tarp to the car so it doesn't leak anymore, before I'd just shut the tarp in the doors to hold it in place, well it turns out that the water leaked through the seams of the door through the tarp and into the car, onto the seats.

so I had to buy rope, tied the stupid thing to the mirrors and tires, half hour, I have to do this every time I use my car now, untie it all when going places, then tie it all back down when leaving it parked.

Also remember, I have to register my car by the end of the week, 400 dollars.  It's going to rain all week too, how do I drive to the DMV with no wipers?

I told myself that I'd stick with living here for a year, if I wasn't happy then I'd move back home.

In four months it'll be a year, the only highlight I have of living here is standing at the beach by myself.

I don't know if I can last four more months here financially but I highly doubt I'll be wanting to stay here.

Back home me and my dad would just go to a junk yard, pull out the motor from a car, pay 10 bucks and he'd install it, back home I'd re register my car for like 100 dollars.

Back home I'd have people to depend on for rides if I needed to take my car to the repairs instead of walking an hour in the rain.

Simply put, I'm better off back home.

This place has tried eating me alive but I've held my ground and spit back at it's face, gotten through all the trials and problems thrown my way.

But to what end? what result? what do I get for it?  Living here alone in this apartment day by day with zero friends, zero human contact and nothing but emptiness?

I knew I was taking this risk, right here, I knew that this could be a result of moving here, I knew I could end up like this, but I was willing to go for it because there was also a chance of a better life, lots of friends, a feeling of significance and joy.

But that chance had long since passed, I was about 2 years too late.

I'm not saying I'm moving back home or anything but at this rate I just may, and I may be better off both financially and emotionally by doing so.

Time will tell.

You know I wish I could update more positive crap guys.. I really do, like my trip to the beach post, I loved posting that, I was so excited to finally be posting positive stuff, I want to do more of it but gosh dang it whatever is against me just wont leave me alone.

The only thing literally that is keeping me from just going completely insane is streaming games every night, that is my social life and I'm glad I have that and that I have so many people to share it with.

bluh, sorry for the long post, had to rant


  1. i feel like shit that i dont have the money to be there man :/

  2. Austin, dont think for one second that this has gone to waste, you've given an important lesson to people to manage their financial issues as best as possible. You have lasted a long time in this crazy world with a crappy financed state and stood strong before. You have done good and when you said you spit in the face of your enemy that brought i smile to my face. It may be because im sadistic but i love the fact you have tolerated this in a calm manner. You are a great inspiration but in the end whatever happens, happens. If you need to go home then it has its posotives, but remember being a a human requires self controll, being a better person is to know when to give up. Its all your choice and if for whatever you think is for the better you do it with no hesitance, well all cheer you on and your family is ALWAYS there with open arms if needed, fight on. Love Curely.

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  4. Austin you know I support you every now and then but it has dropped so much due to using the older "delivering" methods. If you can try to find some light at the end of the tunnel you will do fine, but the choice to Florida was your choice. Whatever you do I will still support and help you through thick and thin. You have friends 24/7 and don't think you have none because it is NEVER true. Hold on to the motivation that keeps you going every day and if you want to leave, no one is stopping you. Keep yourself going and you will do fine, sorry for long post and a deletion prior to this one.

  5. Hey Austin, you've got to hold onto the positives of your situation. If you hadn't moved out to Florida, you never would have had the chance to show the rest of the world that you are your own man. Sure, you've been given some challenges that test your mettle and your resolve, but these can only serve to strengthen you in the long run.

    Believe in yourself Austin. And if you can't do that, then believe in the thousands upon thousands of us who believe in you. We've always been here to support you through thick and thin, and no matter how bad it's gotten you've had the rabid legion of fans behind you every step of the way.

    So don't lose hope Austin, keep your strong face on, your terrified screams loud, and your chin held high.

    P.S. I added this as an afterthought... if money is tight, then I'd recommend starting a Kickstarter or Indigogo to draw in some cash.

  6. Austin, life is rough no doubt about that. Don't feel bad for ranting on your blog like this with what you believe to be nothing but negative things. We fans of yours have no problem reading posts like this. I'm sure we all wish life was better so you didn't have to post them but we'd rather you get it out then try to hold it in.

    There is this saying I heard "I'm not crying because I'm weak. I'm crying because I was strong for too long.". I'm not saying you're crying but I'm saying that you just don't need to try and hold it all in because that is so much worse. Look at the positive in all of this, what little you may think there is. Look in the mirror and be proud of the fact that you achieved the goal of moving to Florida (even if it's not turned out so great). Be proud of the fact that in four months you will achieve the goal of sticking it out for a year. So many others would have just up and quit already.

    Keep your chin up bud and remember all that you have achieved for yourself where others would have quit.

  7. Man, I understand how it is sometimes. Money is hard to come by, and life is rough. There's a lot of brick walls that you will run right in to. You just gotta fight through it regardless, if you can.

    I used to live in Georgia. I moved up to Virginia to go to school. Now, Virginia is a commonweath state, so there's tons of new shit I never knew about. Things can be more expensive, especially since I live near D.C. I can't get a job because I'm in school and places don't want me there if I can't be there when THEY want me there. I've hit a lot of rough spots while I've been up there so far.

    Man, I'm totally fine if you need to vent on your blog. You're keeping your fans updated on what's going on. A lot of us care, and we want you to keep your chin up high no matter what. If you move back home because you feel as though you'll be better off, then that's fine too. Just remember, moving is expensive as well. This is one of those things you have to sit down and think really hard about what you believe will work best in the long run for you.

    Stay strong, my friend, and keep us updated.