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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Day Z stream in a nutshell

Only those who watched my stream will get this 


  1. Lol I was playing also last night. Rain was off and on the whole time.

    I regret trusting the survivors i met on the shoreline. got shot in back of head while fraps lagged me up and held me still for the shot... I was considering shooting the guy who did it first too. =/

    Keep an eye out for TSO. Friendly but oh so paranoid and more careful now. steam TSOShadow

  2. Please don't play that song anymore, Austin. Please, Jeebus. And the holy toast. Do not play that song anymore.


  3. Awesome drawing you've got there!

    You should consider posting some of your stuff at PA-G. We're a community focused solely on MS Paint art. Hope to see you there!