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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Q&A Batch #20

Nah, TF2 doesn't interest me at all, too much bluh now

I've never even heard of that!

How do you even describe the kinds that are in the game anyway? I have no idea

I guess my fav series would be SNK VS Capcom.. or was it Capcom VS SNK.. I don't remember which, I already answered the first question, Budoukai 3

At the moment Max Payne 3

I don't know actually, I never played that one so maybe I will, I just heard it's not as good though (AM CURRENTLY STREAMING IT)

supreme with chicken


Not favs, I've read a bit of Naruto manga but hardly much, I watched more of the anime

Dr. Mario, Link, DK

Surprisingly, no


Oh yes

Yeah? Contact me on youtube or facebook

I don't even know what question you're referring to, stupid comments aren't that common now, they used to be all I got back in the day.

For the most part

That game is pretty notorious for its music and hard game play

No, it'd be pretty cool

I do not have on specific fav, just view my facebook likes for an idea of what I like

Not a PC game

Surprisingly I never have.. yet

The crossbow for sure

Oh come on... really? It's Sobe

I sing and giggle

I visited here in 2010 and really liked it

I never said it was stupid, I just think the fan mass is overboard and too vocal


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  2. Bronies still butthurt that somebody doesn't like them. Get over yourselves.