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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Q&A Batch #29

Don't think I've heard of it

I don't have a specific fav but if this counts as a "poop" then either the Ran Ran Ruu vids or this

I am interested in both, may own them some day

never heard of it

I log onto live like every few months so I don't know



I've thought about doing that often, I never did play it back in the day



fish have short lives

I ignore it completely

obvious troll is obvious

not really

It actually is something I don't want to answer, sorry =(

I never can really get into them, I'd rather play harvest moon


I'm sure that it'll be a continuous franchise forever more until it stops selling

The preggo woman with knife bursting fetus

Yes I have all of the co op edited and ready to upload, I'm unsure if I should do it after I'm done with my single player play through or in between

yes, this has been planned for a while now

Yes I will

completely opinion, there's plenty of great brands, look up reviews, it's what I do

to do it? to be a girl? if a man offers me to be a girl for one day? that sounds like an easy 1 million


  1. I hope you read this comment, but have you ever read Bongcheon-Dong Ghost? Its a horror comic. <--- right here.

    I challenge you to record yourself reading it.

  2. The left 4 dead 3 question was pretty interesting, personally I would love to see L4D3 be done in the West Coast of the US where the player makes their way through the cities like Las Angeles, and Hollywood.