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Monday, May 14, 2012

Q&A Batch #31

I've done plenty of them already

Never done it, I'd really like it though

maybe prototype 2 when it's super cheap.. what the heck is trials


I doubt it, you'll see crap in freakout montages though

Yes, looks cool

Playing Kongo Bongo

Kind of, we talk here and there but we're both busy I'd assume

How the heck should I know

No idea, hopefully the near future

No, dunno what else there is to do other than a mustache, eww

Not excited for it, I'll see what reviews say when the time comes

I don't think majority of fans would like it

Neither, milk in cereal

Never played it

Who knows

I've seen some, I only laughed like twice at anything i've seen

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  1. Question here~
    Can i play DayZ with u whenever you play the mod?
    (tell me what server youre on server)Im pretty good~