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Friday, May 25, 2012

Q&A Batch #38

Not sure, but it'd be Cho Aniki if I'd ever played that

Not sure, Earth Worm Jim games are awesome but there's many others


nice head of hair, eyebrows, everything else hairless

why are you asking a question

I have a billion fun games to upload still

I am exited, as in exiting the vicinity


good lord

the heck?

I don't drink, and I go out sometimes

Not sure


I had the most fun with the first Halo, I've played them all so far

I'd normally just delete this but I want everyone to see this so we can all be amazed at your stupidity and lol heartily

I use fraps, no console recording yet

Appearance wise? well I guess I'd say horribly over weight, there really isn't much that makes me think people are unattractive when it comes to appearance, sure I have personal preferences but people who don't meet them aren't unattractive to me. I guess being covered in tattoos or piercings would be one. Personality wise would be swearing a lot, smoking or drinking, any drugs at all for that matter, rude, stuck up, attention whore, superiority complex, that kind of crap

I think she's a Chrissy


  1. Came here from the youtube post. Yes, they are useful.

  2. Yeah, I'm certain everybody else using the name Kilplix just happened to come up with such a unique name all by themselves. They've totally never seen any of Austin's videos. Probably just their birth names or something. Complete coincidence.

    I do find it funny that someone who apparently dislikes you so much would take the time to send you a message, which would also mean he checks the blog for him to even know you were accepting such messages and to see your thoughts on other people using your screenname. Some people, man.

  3. Wow, that guy that called Austin a douche simply sucks at life. The name Kilplix is Austin's. Why? Because he came up with the name himself and has every right to have it. Sadly, there nothing you can do about it, so people will take it for themselves. Those people that lack originality and have no name to describe themselves with. It's just sad and pathetic.