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Friday, May 4, 2012

What a Friday

My luck has been running pretty crappy..

Last night before I head out to the Avengers I see a notice on my car saying my car is abandoned and will be towed away unless I call the office

wtf shut up I'm going to the avengers piss off

My GPS took me to the other side of the dang mall so I drove around the parking lot trying to find the dang theater entrance.

not one speed bump, not one single speed bump the entire time when all of a sudden 3 lone giant speed bumps appear out of freaking nowhere and I hit the things going like 35, needless to say it was freaking bad, bang bash crash bam car got a huge beating, upset the freaking crap out of me and I was freaking out if there was any real perm damage done, making me all on edge during the freaking movie which sucked.  Thankfully though the car seems fine so I'm hoping there's no long term crap done.

So this morning I call the office about the notice on my car, she tells me I have to go to the office and bring my freaking registration.

SOO I get the registration out of my car and go to the office, show her, cool, walk out the door.

realize my keys aren't in my pocket, realize oh.. keys are in car which I locked, spare keys are in apartment, which is locked, key for apartment is with car keys, locked in car.

So I walk back to the office and ask if they have spare, OH WHY WOULD THEY HAVE A SPARE?!

So I'm told to contact this guy who MIGHT have the key, he shows up with hundreds of keys to try, tells me he has a key for every single unit in the complex EXCEPT MINE and was hoping one of the keys would fit because some of them are the same.

None fit.

So I say the back deck door is unlocked, second floor though, only way to get to it is with a ladder.

No ladder available, the guy finally just takes the screen off my kitchen window and manages to unlock the window and boosts me inside.

Get spare key unlock car door get keys yay.




  1. Dude, that sounds like a pretty bad chain of events... But look at it this way, it can't get any worse? Right? ... Right?

  2. Oh man... That's pretty rough, but think about it this way, you took the problems head on, conquered them, and returned home unscathed. A bad day, yes, but you pushed through it, handling every situation while knowing what to do.

    A success, my friend. A success.

  3. sheesh O_O what a /wrist moment!

  4. Well at least it didn't start raining