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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Q&A Batch #25

Heck no and screw the people that do

despite being an insane human being he's a pretty legendary boxer, I wouldn't stand a chance

I played BF play4free before, it wasn't bad, I got like a big ol kill spree on my first game, never tried heroes, aint really interested

I've never played it

who would want undedicated fans? boo

Sobe, root beer

Don't know, would like to


what man?

one tahooo tharee


I used to hike all the time as a kid, one slip and I would have been dead, I quite enjoyed it


I've streamed myself playing it, it's fun

I doubt there's specific social groups around this age

I think my dad

Back home you'd drive a few miles and had your own personal gun range, I really enjoyed shooting clay pigeons, I remember my first shot, instant hit, everyone laughed and thought it was beginners luck, but nope, I continued to hit every one of them after that, my uncle made me join a clay pigeons competition because of it but because of a faulty shotgun I failed hardcore

I like full screened window, best of both worlds

I haven't tried it but I've always wanted to, I'd be an enforcer

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  1. Hey kilplix have you heard of a japanese game called "Catherine"? P.S It's not on pc though.