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Monday, May 7, 2012

Q&A Batch #26

I eat it

eat, edit videos, eat, play games, eat, stream games, snack, go to bed

too high to count

Two different games, not even comparable

Good thankfully, runs like a champ, I love it

I really don't think I'l be playing on hard, I know how hard those games are

Ninja turtles, disney cartoons and loony toons

don't own it, got pretty crap reviews

I used to but not lately, sucks

like yesterday

I've been wanting to do an organized Q&A forever

completely different games

whatever editor you're using is exporting it at that res

no, how can she slap?

It was just the complete package and required way more teamwork

Not sure, too many to list =p

No, never heard

BF3's hardcore mode is retarded, you can't spawn on squad mates, you can't go into 3rd person in vehicles and because the game was built around vehicle health regen vehicles are useless, they really blew it with this game in a lot of aspects, bleh

Chrono Trigger

playing games

Krillin is like on of my fav chars in the whole series, so there ya go

mostly janitorial work =[

Not sure, don't know if I've heard of him

Probably Chrono Trigger, Shenmue and FF9


It's more like trying to get myself to write is a stress, it sucks

LOL NAMEK? I'd be ded. I have no idea, that's like a crazy huge question to think about, maybe Sailor Moon world ehehhh

Someone who watches my videos on a consistent basis I guess

I love love sharing moments and entertaining

I streamed myself playing that like 2 years ago, my fav is the bike and kid because it's double the gore fun

My vids are PC games because you need a capture device to get console footage, I got a capture device and now I need another tv because of the stupid way capture devices work, needless to say I haven't done that because TV's arent cheap

I like it when games get super hard modes for those hardcore guys

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