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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Q&A Batch #22

Did a video answering some questions in this one, probably will do this more in the future

I'm not sure why the end of the vid cuts me off but I say I PREFER SUBBED

Only if they send pics and/or confess their undying love for me

neither, don't like em

I'll play it eventually

I'd like to but I couldn't stream it

Not sure I know what those are

I like pics


They're weird, that's a pretty common snack


that doesn't sound too fun

Don't think so

A little

Not really

Haven't really ever played any instruments, I never played 2033, I heard it was pretty average

The only thing I DISS is FPS games on consoles, they're simply horrible with controls in comparison to a keyboard/mouse, I will play FPS games on consoles ONLY if they're exclusives, I love consoles just fine, I own like all of them

I don't know honestly

Would be cool, aint gonna happen though

This... this is one of the biggest things in the entire universe that piss me off. It doesn't matter what I try to register onto, be it a beta or account for some online thing or another, 90 percent of the time Kilplix is taken, Kilplixism is take, AustinKilplix is taken, KilplixAustin is taken, it's beyond ridiculous, you have no idea how badly pissed off I get. I do NOT understand why someone would take someones name like that, do they have no identity? do they have to use someone else's persona to feel any form of significance? my lord I want to smack some heads

Out of those three? either speed (speed requires strength anyway) or invisibility

Of course, i've suggested something like that on my blog before

There's only about 200-300 videos of that game on my youtube channel, they're there

I don't, I'm pretty stuck at where I am right now, It's not enjoyable =P


Quite a few reasons really, for one I had no self worth or confidents in myself, I automatically "KNEW" that I'd fail if I tried so I didn't even bother, depression was a big one, social anxiety was one, laziness was a big one, just a really bad combination of crap


  1. have you ever played world of tanks?

  2. You sound exactly the same as me.. in almost everyway, although my beard doesn't look like a cardboard cut out and my internet sucks ;)

  3. I like how the end of the video cut off.