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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Q&A Batch #42

I don't drink, I've tried going to places here and there, I just don't know where to go and I'm kind of hard to make friends with in person I think

I don't have one, probably wont ever get one

A few times

Namek sized

life death love farts

Who knows what direction it'll take, I love it though

Never heard of it =0

Job is going fine you have to be fairly good at grammar and typing, there's places you can apply to online but good luck, they're picky as frick

I have but not really a fan of them

If Tate ever is awake during the day sure

I'm sorry to hear that, if you have any other friends try to talk to them about it

add boobs

you realize I tend to ignore people the more they talk like this

There isn't a most memorable, there's many memorable moments

I haven't

I jump all the time without a parachute

I like to do them every Friday

misty =d

They just think it's silly and cool

Probably the Yakuza games

I doubt it, I played some of it already years ago and got bored with it

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