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Thursday, May 17, 2012

leaking car

So apparently those speed bumps I hit knocked the sunroof window off the frame, the sunroof was leaking when I bought the car but me and my dad used silicone caulking to seal the cracks up and that had fixed it. Well now I'm rightly screwed because I can't exactly seal it up again with caulking, I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning off the old caulking and tried holding the window up with a bunched up towel, then caulked it up, I  figured it might hold it there since it's an adhesive as well.  So it took me a long time to do that, 2 hours later it starts pouring so there goes that, it takes like a day for that stuff to dry and set, it's now liquid and dripping all over my car.  Another lovely thing is that my windshield wipers get stuck, SOOO I went out int he rain and tied a rope to the wiper so I could see, yanked the wipers back down every time it got stuck and drove to the store again to get a big tarp.  I just put a big tarp over the roof and screw it all I'm just going to do that from now on when I have it parked.  HAPPY DAY

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