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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Youtubes mass cleanup

So youtube did a mass cleanup, deleting thousands if not millions of "inactive" youtube accounts.  I lost about 3K subs, I don't really give a crap if they're inactive HOWEVER I'm seeing a huge complaint being raised from big named youtubers losing ACTIVE subscriptions, they've been getting hundreds of messages from youtubers claiming that they've been unsubscribed from them without doing anything.

So I'm curious if this has happened at all to any of you guys?

Here's the blog post where the complaints are being raised

This month has been one of my poorest monetary earnings on youtube, I find that to be a pretty big coincidence, don't you?  I'll be lucky to even pay bills this month and if this is the reason behind it then I'll be pretty pissed off.

I was curious to see how much subs Freddiew lost, he lost around 15 THOUSAND subs, sheesh!


  1. My friend was subbed to about 171 youtubers and its now down to 160, i have not decreased, i'll keep ya updated though

  2. Shane Dawson has been the hardest hit with this issue. He's lost over 180k subs over the last month alone. and he has like 3 accounts so he's lost a total of over 300k between those accounts. I've lost 2 by this, i'm only at 115 anyways.

  3. About time YouTube did something like this. Now they just need to get rid of their horrendous layout.