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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Q&A Batch #37

Just my phone



I've seen a few people say that

pickles I guess



what 2012 thing


nope =[

Not really, no

I have not

I've been watching a ton of nostalgia critic stuff like every single day, I haven't heard o spoonyone

I have done this

I get "request for password change" emails here and there on certain accounts

Same thing I do every day, NUTTIN

Male ballerinas

I'm still playing it, played it a ton last night (actually I beat it a while ago)

I'd rather not go out with some person I just met to shoot guns

I don't think any differently than other people that do LP's

Tao Pi Pi because not only was he the biggest threat goku had faced that far but it was a big turning point in the direction of where the series was going

I'd think mountains would make you feel more claustrophobic than trees, and Utah has pleeenty of trees too

Jackie Chan

I just may

LOL that made me laugh for real, okay here I just got out of the shower and hadn't put my hair in a band yet, I'll even pose for you

No and no

ehhh don't really like it but don't hate it either, only when I scream

I wasn't nervous because I was just sharing it with friends

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  1. "The Big Bang Theory" leeches off the Geek Community. it was funny for the first 2 Seasons, but by season 4 they pretty much stripped all the characters of their personalities.