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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Q&A Batch #27

The formatting in this is really mucked up for some reason, questions are bold then not, answers are faded and then not.. whatever, you can still manage to read it just fine

I found the job on craigslist, I didn't have any previous experience but my boss gave me a chance, he now loves me to death for some reason. I use a program called express scribe, it's free

I don't even have the game installed

Did you not see our play through of Trine 2? yes we still talk

I've never even heard of that

I've never played it, just doesn't interest me anymore

I- what? it is? looks like it's A capital IN Peru but it's not THE capital of Peru 

I wanted Sobi because I loved Jonna's Skink Kai to death and decided I wanted one, We both read this in preparation of getting one, I suggest the same

I played quite a bit of the first game but stopped, I want to go back and play it all, want to stream it too

cars? they're cars, Jonna has one, wee

I'm pretty gosh darned sure it'll have multiplayer

Well I haven't been out enough here to make that kind of decision but right now I'd say Utah for sure, it's pretty well known for it's cuties

a game

I guess I'll play 2, I never have and I own it now but I hear it's not as great as the 1st so I'm afraid I'll get bored with it, I'm pretty excited for infinite

It's long gone

I.. would imagine so

If I made another steam account I wouldn't have any games on it =/

LOLOL my bioshock corpse beating eh? I quite like cats really, I've just grown up being surrounded by millions of them so I can find them annoying at times, I'd like to have one some day though

I handle him whenever he recently poops or isn't shedding, I'm too afraid to take him outside because I'd probably lose him

I'm not too good at advice regarding this but I'd say to you be yourself, the crap will filter out and the ones worth your time will come into your life

I'm pretty dang sure the trailer increased interest in people because of it's delivery, I'm not super duper hyped for it but I look forward to playing it.

I can type pretty dang fast when I concentrate enough

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