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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Q&A Batch #41

I've lost plenty family members to drugs, I'm not good with advice on how to deal with it though, sorry.

Happens to everyone

my life LOLOLOL

hopefully consoles some day

many types

Nah, I'd suck as a soldier

I want one but not in this apartment

I doubt I'll upload the full playthroughs

Hey that's cool to hear, I really don't have any tricks honestly, I just rush in and be aggressive

wheels on meals, operation condor

do... a.. barrel.. roll

I don't even remember

I've barely played it

I shoot both equally

Because I am freaking lazy

A 17 year old? rofl no (unless the law allowed it LOLOLOL jk)

I.. don't eve know you dude, No russian wasn't a big deal, violence in videogames is just pixels and polygons and programs so bring on the gore fest

If I recall that was a free 2 play game, I'll try it if it is

Steam, online, stores

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  1. hahahah I laughed so freakin hard at the part with Bert. Austin, you made my day.