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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Q&A Batch #33

No, it's completely anonymous unless they say their name or they use a formspring account

Me, Tates like 20 years younger than me

*smiles and bites lip*


I've played it a few times, it's really not my kind of game

I'm not sure because the scouters always blow up, scouters are pieces of crap

I think it would be fun but I'm never invited


Thanks but this is for asking questions

We don't have a server anymore

I stream like all my gaming anymore, I can't edit live footage so there ya go

I haven't even heard of that


Doubt it

It took a long while, I can't recall the exact time frame though I remember my last real haircut was OCT of 2009

I've never even looked into Terraria mods

I. Played. Dead space 2. Already.

Don't think I have a specific fav

I've been on 8 gigs for a long while, I just ordered 8 more the other day though, 8 gigs is fine, 16 gigs if you wanna go overboard

Fatal Frame is like the reason I wanted to stream console games

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