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Friday, May 4, 2012

Q&A Batch #23

Not my own pets, we've owned hundreds of pets through my childhood, way too many to list

I'm not sure I get the question

We had a server for a very short time, I'd love to keep it but it's 80 bucks a month, that's just too dang much

Probably lost somewhere on tates HDD

Both can be enjoyable

Of course, who doesn't? But I'm not shallow, not even close, the mind is way more important

Yes, bot the CPU and GPU

Those vids are long gone now, I'll probably stream some more of it though

Never heard of it

That's what I'd like to know

Not really

I have

I like both just fine really, I can't say I've ever seen a girl and thought she had too much on

I don't think I have enough fans for that kind of thing

I'm not sure if that even makes any sense.. what would it be? it'd be insane

I'll like at least one song from every genre of music pretty much, I really really don't care for the screaming growling crap in heavy heavy metal.. or is that death metal?


  1. To the fool who asked about Marijuana, refer to his first Q&A. Look up the question "what are your views on marijuana?"

    He will forever answer "No" to anything pertaining to Marijuana. Would he be here today if he smoked that bull crap? No. Instead, he started a YouTube channel, became moderately famous, and is now dealing with depression rather well. Only ignorant fools turn to that crap.

    Nothing good ever comes of smoking Marijuana. Nothing. At. All.

    1. That's not necessarily true. When I was sick with cancer the marijuana let me keep food down and helped me forget about how crappy my life was. I don't know if I could've made it through that without it.

    2. Marijuana has medicinal purposes. That I will not deny. Just using for "recreational" purposes is bad judgment.

    3. Well, I see it as a lot like alcohol. As long as the user is responsible it can be used for recreation. I know plenty of people who smoke weed in their free time, but they also have steady jobs, their own apartments, and are in long term relationships. A lot of people use weed, and some might overdo it, but it's not fair to say that all marijuana users have bad judgement.