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Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprisingly very well jet run

Yesterday I was testing out DXtory for streaming, I was just pretty much playing to monitor fps performance etc, well I got a jet and ended up doing very very well, so well that I was surprised, I finally had mastered Jets before this latest patch had come out to screw it all up, I pretty much hated flying them after that, but I did really well and was very surprised, like 12 vehicles destroyed in this 6 min or so run.  The quality isn't that great sadly.


  1. I played with ya yesterday xD
    I killed you and then you ran me over with ya tank :)

    1. Pickz or et did'at hap00pen!!!11!ONE!

  2. I made a video of one of my jet runs in bf3.
    It's too the point i might just uninstall it and download Bad company 2 again.