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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Q&A Batch #30

Besides games? I don't fear games though =P I think my biggest fear is not being accepted by people, fear of being alone the rest of my life.. stupid fears really

Don't have one

I like this time period juuust fine, technology man, technology

I haven't seen the list so far yet, I'm not sure really.. I mean it's first party games only right?

I like predators better

Thanks =P it's honestly just the whole pulling faces thing during gameplay, everyone pulls weird faces when reacting to scares or games or whatever, I may stream with my stupid face some time in the future, got to use my webcam sometime


No, I have no idea what i'd stream for 24 hours, plus I like sleep too much

I never even played an F zero game when I first started smash bros, I just loved his punch, who wouldn't? After that I started mastering him, and in melee got dang good

I've no idea

I will mod the piss out of it some day when I get the urge to play again

It did? didn't know that


Not really surprisingly

play with my boobs the whole time
No, I said I hate my hair and this current hairstyle is the most tolerable for me, I still hate it but it's better than other styles I've had.

I'm alright, could be better, it's fine where I live

dis dumb question

Probably, cause it's fun

I haven't

No, I only do that when not scared

That's just silly, no one is perfect and no relationship is perfect, no matter what there'll be tiffs, there'll be disagreements and there'll be annoyances.

To answer your first question, to me, being in love is when you absolutely adore them, when you can't think of being affectionate with anyone except them, when you smile at the mear thought of them, when you absolutely crave to hear about their day, geniunely interested in their life down to even the littlest things and you want to share your day with them. When there's a connection and understanding between you that you have with no one else. Most of all it's someone you know you could spend the rest of your life with and be happy, someone you would do anything for, scale mountains for, someone you would die for without even batting an eye. That is what love is to me.

Now to answer the other question, If problems get to the point where you're miserable at all times then it's time to reconsider things. In a healthy relationship you'll discuss any and all issues that may arise, any arguments you should find compromise, you should try to see their side of things and find ways to accept and understand it. The plain and simple fact is is that if it's real, mutual love then you CAN work out the issues no matter what.

Take comfort that in this day and age the chance of anything going wrong is very very slim, you'll be completely fine.

slowly die?

I'm always up for well put together mods

Dood I grew up with old school, I've played plenty

I'd love love a dog, but not in this apartment

lolll I chose a good time to come here, I just now got out of the shower, I haven't put anything on yet, so to answer your question.. NUTTIN =D
why would I choose raditz, he's dead in the first few eps

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  1. I wouldn't say the Predator race/species is honorable, if they lose they blow everything up. To me they seem like sore losers.