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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Q&A Batch #36

I haven't played it but I know what it is

Color me extremely interested

I have a lot of hard drives, I use adobe premiere pro

Jason or Sara

Why not? I'd thank them times 1 billion too

Yeah, I liked them back on the xbox

You really need to check your news elsewhere bro

Can't stand it

Yeah I'm in Florida, things are fine except I need a social life

no =(

That's a weird fetish you have, you know that? I hate hate hate when I need to shave, it drives me crazy, I shave very often, I prefer smooth and hairless


Only if you give me regular massages

=D <3

They're cool, not a big fan or look them up or anything


Not sure, we'll see, probably will though

Don't think I have a preference really, like em both in their own ways

First love was hellish, as was the one that followed, the end.

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