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Friday, April 20, 2012

Q&A #10

There weren't really any plans to meet anyone else

Yeahhhh.. about that. I dropped out of school before highschool, not proud about it one bit and regret it a lot, I just became very socially screwed up around that age, depression and all sorts of crap


Jason and Sara =d

enough zombie apocalypse scenarios! I'd be dead or a zombie

it'd be a game exactly copied from real life, the entire planet, every house every person, then I could just run around in that world and do whatever, that would be awesome.

I only watched a little bit of shippouden, I should watch the rest actually

I'm not really cut out for school =(

Of course, they cool

It's called Lagoon

I dead seriously don't have a person preference over one or the other, they're really pretty different games so they shouldn't be compared as much as they are, both great games.

Wow good question.. I honestly don't know, I think I get along with both genders pretty equally.

That is wayyyy too broad of a question! There's just too many funny things I've seen in my life to name one

Dunno yet, whatever I decide to


I'm pretty open, I rarely ever hide my feelings, like.. very rarely, so I'd voice my concern/opinion.

That would be cool but I don't want to pay for a PO box really =(

Played Dark alliance one on the gamecube with my brother, never played 2 because we didn't have a PS2 at the time

It's pretty entertaining but I prefer boxing wayyyy more

Cry of Fear for sure, that game is literally a masterpiece imo

As of a few weeks ago it is now Abobo's Big Adventure and I know it will never be topped.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on MLP:FiM? If you like the show, who's your favorite character and why?