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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Q&A #14

I've loved zelda since the very first one, my favs are Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Minish Cap and Links awakening

It's pronounced Troo hee oh

I never did actually, I always wanted to try it out

I pay around 1000-1200 a month, that includes all bills and food. You can get a lot cheaper placed than mine though, my rent ins 760 a month

I'm digging all the super hero movies lately, I'm more of a Marvel fan than DC but Batman is like the best thing ever.

take so long?? I upload vids like once per day dude, funny moments and rage moments need to be accumulated so i can have enough content to make a montage, so those have to build up. Heck no I'm not uploading Bear Hugger ordeal, that would be terribly boring.

I don't know because I don't pay attention to it.

Thanks, good to hear

Def the Avengers.

Milk milk milk

In Utah

I think I played the demos but never really got into them for real

It all depends, I can read people well enough so if I could connect with someone then that's that.

nothing's happened no, we just haven't been playing games much, not happy about it

I'll still play it but not as much, after a decent patch I'll get back into it

I think things are getting worse and worse with new generations, they aren't taught properly anymore

Please don't do that, I'd ask you to take it down or be forced to report it to youtube as stolen because a lot of my livestream footage is used for my videos

I know those areas, wasn't close to them at all, I was in the Payson area.

What in the PISS are you talking about? that game was an absolute blast, I'm sad we beat it, I had such a great time with it, great game.

I have never played it honestly, there was a big hubub about it at the time about it monitoring your pc activity so they could post ads according to your web behavior, big turn off.


Abridged? I LOVE DBZ abridged, freaking love the heck out of it, I've never watched any other stuff really.

cleaning up main street, sweeping and replacing garbage bags etc

I streamed a little of BC2, I streamed all of BF3, up until the game glitched and I decided it wasn't worth starting that level over.

Loved the harry potter books, all I read anymore are R.A. Salvatore books with his character Drizzt, a dark elf.

No, I fell through some wormhole and it was erased from my memory

I'm not good with lists at all, I would have to like spend a whole day researching such a thing to make a proper list, I don't really want to do that =P



I'm not sure what my fav accent would be really, I like old fashioned british accents when girls say "my love" and stuff at the end of questions and comments teehee

Because I'm the person I am today because of them, not only that but they still are great classic games that can still be enjoyed to this day, of course nostalgia is a factor too.

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